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Single Listing Pricing Plans
Donations $100.00
Donate to the West Coast Italian Radio and La Stella Foundation.
Get your name published on our site as a donor. 
Featured One-Year Listing $99.00
We have built a site to highlight our radio program and for everyone to find an Italian owned business near them in America or around the world.
Take advantage of this rate and your rate will NEVER go up.  
A featured one-year listing includes up to 10 photos, a link to your website, 1 video clip, coupons, and rotated featured placement on our home page. 
Annual payment of only $99.
Reoccuring billing. You can stop at any time.  
One-Year Basic Single Listing $9.99
A basic one-year listing includes 5 photos and link to your website at a very affordable rate of $9.99 PER YEAR!  We made this affordable for everyone so that they can benefit from those looking for Italian businesses in the USA. 
Basic listings are not rotated on our home page.  
We reserve the video section to contain non-competing promotional material for WCIR.  
Re-occuring billing annually.  You can stop annual billing at any time.  
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